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The Tree of Death now is that of infernal life. Ahriman created from this the darkside within the earth, the storm fiend Azi Dahak, who as the storm fiend hand his form within the stars, with the ArchDaevas counteracting to perceived stasis — power of the planets. The earth itself was filled with serpents, lizards, scorpions and wolves. Thus the earth would find balance and counteraction.

Ahriman came up to the fire itself, and mingled darkness and smoke with it to awaken it as the Black Flame. The Five Ahriman thus came forth from the sky in a downward direction, thus the darkness invaded the world of stillness and peace. The planets with the many demons, went against the celestial sphere, and they mixed the constellations and invigorated them with fire; and the whole creation was as disfigured as though fire disfigured every place and smoke arose over it, thus the essence of the Adversary was brought in all things.

It is said for ninety days and nights the weakened heavenly angels were contending in the world with the confederate demons of the evil spirit, the Adversary and hurled them confounded to hell. The Bundahishn writes that Hell is in the middle of the earth; the chthonic places where the evil spirit pierced the earth and rushed in upon it, as a serpent and toad, as all the possessions of the world were The opposition was essential to the continuance of human and animal life, nature itself thrives upon it.

Thus Ahriman and the forces of Chaos brought a sense of order, the void offers the storm and challenge, that we may grow strong and live. Ahriman sends forth Astwihad to infect the earth with bacteria, that man may grow sick from the elements if he is not strong enough. This is a means of challenge, of progression. Saturn was called the planet of death to creatures, yet to the Yatus or the Children of the Lie it is a planet of strength and hidden wisdom. The cold winds were caused by Ahriman as a means of bringing change, what was initially was horrible to humans would make them stronger and allow progression in life.

Ahriman and those devs called Ahrimanes were indeed spirits who were of the element air, they reside in darkness and beget inner light. Ohrmazd attempted to bring an army of angels to defeat Ahriman yet he was the mightest of the Gods, would not bow before another. Angels fell as darkness and light invaded, therein was balance. The Daevas would take any form they desired, from pleasing to repulsive. No longer would the spirits of the wind hold the Ahrimanes back, their desire would shake the foundations of the world. Astwihad went forth with Ahriman to conquer the winds of the earth, that all spirits and demons could ride upon them.

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And this was the first awakening, that of the Air. Tishtar tried to keep Ahriman from this element yet found he could not, terror was abound by this counter acting motion which brought the chaos of the void to the ocean waters, many serpents and creatures filled it and Ohrmazd was proclaimed worthless. Into the waters came more noxious creatures who filled the holes and dark places of the earth, that their venom and stench filled the earth. Let us praise Apaosh, the demon who took the earthly form of a black horse, whose spirit frightened and rejected Tishtar who could never banish him, for the darkness mingled the water was the servitors of Ahriman.

And this was the second awakening, which was with the water. It was indeed Az who would stir the primordial passions of the oceans and beget demons within it, that they may reside truly alien of humanistic emotion deep in the waters of chaos. The mountain range of Alburz arose as a seeming defense against yet nothing could stop the demons which came as legion.

The Evil Spirit came unto earth and it shook violently as an earthquake. Serpent and wolf covered as a gigantic cloud of darkness, Ahriman became the tyrant against those spirits who sought to oppress he and his children. It was deep in the depths of the earth, in the caverns and caves of hell, the lair of Az that she brought the demons in union with each other.

The fallen ones were smitten as she taught them the acts of fucking, ejaculating in the womb of the whore, entering her from behind and all acts of erotic initiation. The flames within their bodies grew and the females produced dragon-children. As they grew Az consumed many of them, growing stronger as she drank of their blood and tasted their Az sought to always create, yet her balanced nature was that she is also the consuming and blackened mother.

The Fourth Battle, that of Plants Ahriman went forth upon the earth and took many forms which pleased him — wolf, serpent, toad, dragon and many other predatory and bestial forms. He brought unto the earth 10, diseases which fought within the bodies of all living creatures. Ahriman sent Taprev and Zairich to the plants, to beget the tools of witchcraft and sorcery, but also to join in bodies to produce heat and thirst. As the plants and trees buried themselves deep in the chthonic depths of the earth, Taprev and Zairich took the sacrifices of man such as blood, hair, nails and the corpse to be the food of which druj would grow and manifest.

Seek the earth and its dark places, there you will find rest. The spirit of Akoman came upon the earth, from which Vohuman battled with and could not fully defeat. It is written in the texts of creation that the stench of Akoman is that which proceeds from the sick and yawners, the very putrid stench of decay. The bodies of animals became the clothing of demons, Az entered two Lions and remained in their bodies for a long period of time.

The instinct of Az is within all predatory beasts upon the earth, observe and learn from them. Ahriman went to corrupt Gayomard, the very embodiment of weakness and human blindness. The clay was awakened by the spirit of Ahriman, who had many children and those he had awakened in spirit form. The seventh battle, that of fire Ahriman went forth to the fire of divinity, he beheld that gift within his being which was more intense than any other spiritual being, except for his father the mindless light and the weakened brother Ohrmazd.

The fires were seemingly countered by the Five of Ohrmazd, yet none could extinguish them fully. None of these could extinguish the fires of Ahriman, who is the God of the World. The sleeping of the body is the strengthening of the shadow and Druj Nasu is the darkening of the eyes. The Aurvazisht is that which is in plants, yet Zairich and Taprev are the hunger within the earth, the counter action The Vazisht is that which has its motion in clouds, and its business consists in destroying the atmospheric gloom and darkness yet is countered by Spenjagra, the demon of the astral plane, who brings storms and spiritual darkness and wisdom.

The Children of the Lie should seek to disturb the luminaries by the concealment of stench hidden darkness among the normal-lives of society , and by witchcraft yatuk-dinoih corrupt and awaken the creatures and the celebration of witchcraft, especially at night, the sacred time of Ahriman and the demons. I knew she had spread her legs….

ADAMU - Luciferian Sex Magick - Ahriman Edition (Hardcover)

I heard the insects spill to the floor, the serpents slither about the hardwood worn- through surface of the room. I felt the cold tingling of She is something I cannot describe, can you call a lady who brings you to a brink beyond orgasm a whore? Does it really matter? The fact is when she sucks the end of a corpse and looks at me with a gleam of sensuality I can only shudder about what we can do.

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What about the corpse fluid which she smears about her mouth as she asks me to enter her from behind. When I sleep she comes to me, screaming and droning like a fly, her name was Nasu. When she rides me at night I feel insects enter me like a catheter, sharp stinking pain which causes complete shock and every limb freezing in unconscious pain.

She lets her rancid salvia drip on my open mouth, locked in an ever screaming mouth which has no beginning or end, like the abyss. The smell is like when you pass a rotting animal dead for two or so days, exception being the ghastly odor emerging from a nubile and almost beautiful woman. This necrophiliac nightmare she is moving like a living woman riding your cock and lubricating it with fly-infested cold female-ejaculation, the motion too intense to feel the littering my groin with larvae. It is as if she has the hemorrhagic saliva lubricating her genitals which seem to be as small hungering mouths moving up and down in a moment of obsession, seeking to fill her desire accordingly.

She comes to me as a gray-greenish skinned woman, like a corpse who has rested in cold waters for too long. She rushed to me as the corpse fiend, her cold lips licking my own, he blackened finger tips caressing my chest, the chilling touch arousing me like something I have never felt before. As she began riding me, thrusting me deep within her cold core, I felt again the rush of insects, her very spirit corrupting everything in which I was.

I closed my eyes when I felt I would climax within her, she whispered in my ear not to give in to that and hold myself From her sides did those legs tear through the skin, kneading my flesh with slow, careful movements. She kisses me again, her bites are small, she drinks the blood. I can feel the burning of hemorrhagic saliva she drips into the wound as she laps up the blood.

Her eggs may turn to larvae and awaken in my body, yet we will be as one.

ADAMU - Luciferian Sex Magick - Ahriman Edition

I want to see her take the form of a beautiful woman, seduce another and with the insatiable lust of a Sapphic idealist, push her tongue deeper into the burning opening I hope to awaken an antichrist by this way…. The Luciferian considers that the consciousness should not be joined with the absolute, the devouring principle, rather separated and transformed into a divnity by realizing the therionick and angelick aspects of the Mind-Body-Spirit. This grimoire will no doubt sicken many of you, such is the way of initiation.

Some will find attraction once you have felt repulsion, if so, keep on and find the temple of pleasure and pain! Consciousness is the point of awake and existent in the world around you. The Luciferian utilizes the practices of Yoga and Buddhism as a means of self- control and development, however the Luciferian is an anti-Buddhist in result. Self-transformation through the gnosis of the adversary.

Self-deification of the core essence of the self, before initiation — a sense of something more, a hunger for knowledge. During and beyond — the core essence being similar to a devouring serpent, the immortal daemon reflecting the illumination of the fallen angels — divinity with the knowledge and power of darkness and self-godhood. Awakening Shakti or the Kundalini to rise up through each chakra, piercing and illuminating it with the Golden Fire of Wisdom and perception. Understanding and becoming familiar with the daemonic feminine within through the Workings of a Shakti i.

The Three aspects of Tantric Sexual Magick from a Luciferian perspective: Pushu — the first level of initation, where one is overcome with desire and lust. Here Adamu should be a guide towards the foundations of practice. Utilize the tool of the Daemonic Feminine, Lilith, as understanding the deeper desires of your mind and body.

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Lilith is the mother which leads you to isolation but fills your spirit with self-reliance and strength from within. The mystery is revealed that Lilith is within, the very Red matter of ash formed to divinity.

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  8. In this level of initation, the initiate should restrict sexual activity for a self- Begin a daily meditation exercise, start with 10 minutes and gradually work yourself up to 20 and 30 minutes. Practice and seek to understand the inherent nature of the symbolism of both the black and red serpent. If working with the red, feel the flame ignite your nerves along the spine, create a sense of brief ecstasy and a surge of power with each Chakra point.

    Do not fail to keep the focus of your posture. If working with the black serpent, feel the physical hunger for Chi and internal power as the Ahrimanic serpent illuminates your Chakra points with blackened fire. Eating with a balanced diet. Vira — the second level of initiation, where one is able to control the beast within the mind and body, but is able to begin practice of sexual magick but with willful control and self — discipline.

    At least three first workings should be Karezza and holding the body back from Orgasm. This is understandably very difficult and will cause mental and physical pain, but with the display of self-discipline, the mind and body will strengthen and focus under this intense test of Will. Do not look towards other avenues for Temples and Holy Luciferian places, look only to your body as your Temple.

    Adept Focus: Understand the stories of mental illustrations are symbolic and while appear like horror-erotic fiction, are magickal in purpose. Daeva — the third level of initiation, where the Adept has overcome, controlled and managed to form their sexual practice as a means of bringing their own mental and physical state to a Divine or Luciferian sense, where the self is isolated and Godlike, where nothing is beheld but yourself.