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And he certainly was pondering about the Russian disarray.

6 charts on how Russians and Americans see each other

On returning from France, he tackled The Minor. Some of his meditations Fonvizin put into the lips of Starodum — a typical classicist philosophizer in form and the castigator of public morals in essence, the audience accurately responding to political hints in his remarks. It took some time before The Minor was staged. The first stage production was cancelled. The premiere took place in September in the theatre on Tsaritsyn Lug. Spectators burst into laughter time and again, turned frantic and threw wallets to the stage. By that time he had resigned because of his feeble health and disappointment in everything he was doing: seriously ill Panin was in resignation, the Empress was still all-powerful, hopes for the coming enthronement of Pavel and the implementation of his projects waned.

The service in the postal department under the supervision of Bezborodko seemed meaningless to him.

So Fonvizin referred to his bad headache that tormented him from his childhood and pleaded for retirement. The Empress let him go, having appointed a retirement allowance for him, half of his salary. The headache indeed was very painful, but he was an obese gourmet.

In Russia, nostalgia for Soviet Union and positive feelings about Stalin

In retirement he wrote memoirs about Panin who died in and published them in French anonymously in London, in It was published by Ekaterina Dashkova, head of the recently established Russian Academy. The Academy decided to publish a Russian dictionary and Fonvizin set to preparatory work. He drafted rules for compiling a dictionary and published in The Companion his Experience of Russian Philologist — a dictionary of Russian synonyms permeated with educational verve and containing subtle political satire.

Disobeying the boss is a crime.

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Scheming against the boss is a vile. Being ungrateful to the beneficent boss is the sin. The Empress responded now with excuses, now with angry retorts, and sometimes she pretended she did not understand.

If they did, they would have found ten high-ranked bastards per one at present. Fonvizin is going to teach me how to reign. In Fonvizin left with his wife abroad, where he stayed until the spring of He hoped to improve his shattered financial standing through the purchase and sale of works of art.

Joseph Stalin: Why so many Russians like the Soviet dictator - BBC News

But though he brought many masterpieces which are now the pride of the Hermitage collection, he did not get high revenues. He felt very sick abroad and when he came back to Moscow he had a stroke. However the magazine was banned. The second attempt to publish the Moscow Compositions magazine also failed.

He was running out of means, legal proceedings commenced over one of his estates; his health was deteriorating: in only he suffered four strokes.

He did not finish his last play Choosing the Tutor either. He brought it to Derzhavin for reading, but could not walk independently, being supported and led by his servants. He could not read either, had to listen to other men reading his work.

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His half-paralyzed tongue could hardly pronounce words, very slowly, but his language was live and entertaining… Although it took him great effort to tell a story, he made us burst into laughter repeatedly. A glutton and moralist, smart observer and grudge holder, statesman and journalist, lexicographer and saloon wag, libertine and repentant sinner — Fonvizin was all of these and more.

Only such a person and only in the 18th century — sumptuous, cynical, sensible, profligate, unscrupulous, thinking, seeking after truth — could create The Minor , a forever hilarious and biting comedy. Post a Comment. Paul Goble. Staunton, September 18 — A new Levada Center survey showing that levels of hostility among Russians to non-Russians and immigrants have increased dramatically over the last two years has attracted attention and concern, but Aleksandr Verkhovsky of the SOVA Center says that what has taken place is simply a return pre-Crimea levels.

The majority 59 percent of Russians believe nothing will fundamentally change after the summit. Yet a sizable portion 40 percent of the Russian public is hopeful that the U. Now the question is whether the summit will be a success or failure in the eyes of the Russian public.

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The summit is already a success for Putin no matter the outcome. And if it fails to improve relations between two countries, additional polling by VCIOM suggests that Donald Trump will take the blame as the Russian public is already suspicious of his goals. This indicates the summit is a risky enterprise for U. It may set back some recent thawing in negative opinions of the United States since the Crimean crisis and the cautious hopes of many Russians for better relations with the United States.

Aggressive and meddlesome US

Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington. UEA Inaugural lecture: Alternative performance measures: do managers disclose them to inform us, or to mislead us? Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. People walk on Leningradskaya street in Samara, Russia,