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How To Select Your Heater - Size, Efficiency, Fuel and Type

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Choosing the Right HVAC System for Your Home

Choose energy efficient heating A high efficiency heater will save energy and cost less to run. Compare star ratings Use the heater's energy rating label to compare the efficiency of different models. Heating running costs Compare a range of types and sizes of different heating options.

Types of heaters The table below compares different types of heaters. Type of heater Description Things to consider Gas ducted heating Designed to heat the whole house. Buy an energy efficient model — make sure it has a minimum energy rating of at least 4 stars. Choose a system with the ability to be zoned — switch off areas not being used. Use only well-insulated duct work. Gas fired hydronic system Designed to heat the whole house. These systems circulate heated water through radiator panels, fan-coil units or in some cases via pipes in a concrete slab.

Some systems allow for individual room temperatures to be set, and some turned off.

How to Choose a Heating System

Buy an energy efficient boiler natural gas is the cheapest fuel for the boiler , and make sure the pipework is well insulated. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioner Whole house heating and cooling through one set of ducts, usually in the ceiling. Sizing is critical and should be done by an expert. Buy the most energy efficient unit you can afford. Use only well insulated ductwork. Electric in-slab heating Electric coils run through a concrete slab, generally runs on a cheaper off-peak electricity tariff. Avoid putting carpet or timber flooring over in slab heating.

Should be run at a termostat setting no higher than 18 o C, otherwise running costs will be much higher. Gas room heater Designed to heat a single room or open plan area. Can be flued or unflued. In Victoria, there are strict regulations around the installation of unflued LPG heaters. Can be run on natural gas or LPG which is more expensive.

Unflued heaters can only be run on LPG. Buy an energy efficient model — make sure it's at least 4 stars.

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Reverse cycle air conditioner Designed to heat a single room or open plan area. Split system or window wall models available. Reverse cycle systems can both heat and cool. Split systems are quieter than window wall units. Buy the most energy efficient unit you can. Inverter models are quieter and more efficient. Portable plug in heater Designed to provide single room heating only, for short periods.

Running costs are determined by the wattage of the heater, so a watt fan heater will cost the same to run as a watt column or panel heater. Buy a unit with a thermostat and time to keep costs down. Type of heater Pros Cons Gas ducted heating Available in both zoned and un-zoned systems. More expensive than a gas space heater to install and operate. Not ideal for houses with high ceilings. Gas fired hydronic system Good for allergy sufferers. Quiet heating source. Good choice for high ceilings. Jose was friendly and. Great company. I invited six companies in for a quote. My sales person was pleasant and competent.