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The War on Terror. Their success is threatened by a drug kingpin and migrant smuggler named Ernesto Fuerza.

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In the guise of Mexican nationalist "Commander Veracruz," he causes a storm of controversy on both sides of the border, calling for a revolution to take back the northernmost "Mexican states" -- the southwestern United States. His real intention is to make it easier to import illegal drugs across the border.

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This sets off a storm of controversy that's being stirred to a fever pitch by a popular right-wing radio talk-show host who calls for the complete militarization of the border. The character designs and animation for the twins makes them seem rather cute. The ideas introduced here, while interesting, are not developed very far.

Bloody Disgusting!

The film kept my attention but was bogged down by pretentious writing and shallow characterization that could have come from a low-rent Star Trek episode. The action, once it gets going, is rather engaging, all things considered, and there are intriguing set-ups for the next and seemingly final chapter.

City on the Edge of Battle is an adequately entertaining film. It will likely appeal more to fans of science fiction anime than to Godzilla devotees.

Godzilla City on the Edge of Battle Resound

And with a third anime film around the corner, several more MonsterVerse movies coming from Legendary Pictures, and talk of a new live-action cinematic kaiju universe from Toho Studios, this is a pretty exciting time for the King of the Monsters. Log in Subscribe. Main menu Toggle navigation.

'Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle' Is the Most Depressing Godzilla Film

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