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All of this is being accomplished as a result of today's vision technology, and ever evolving imaging standards. These innovations are allowing us to take full advantage of today's computers, with their increased processing power, and state of the art communication channels. All of these incredible advancements in the vision industry have resulted in Machine Vision systems, having a lower cost of acquisition, greater performance, and vast quality improvements.

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This has made it easier for companies to automate processes to meet the competitive demands for increased production rates, higher quality, lower costs, and faster time to market. This is good news for OEMs and system integrators, who now have ever-increasing opportunities to develop or expand system functionality to suit a variety of both standard and custom requirements for numerous applications within a growing number of new markets.

Phase 1 Technology has been helping OEMs, system integrators, and end-users with custom solutions and machine vision components since the dawn of the machine vision industry. A premiere, vertically-integrated distributor since , Phase 1 Technology offers you industry insight and guidance to help you understand your options and how best to achieve the specific results you desire. CAD integration with automatic scanning capabilities. Touch probe capabilities using Renishaw TP Clemex Technologies Inc. Cognex Corp. Checkpoint C -- High-speed color vision system for the PC. Features a suite of color image analysis tools for verifying, inspecting and sorting products based on their color.

A Windows-based development interface combines ease-of-use with the power and flexibility of a programming language. MVS product family -- Cognex's new series of industrial machine vision systems. PatMax -- Object and pattern location software technology.

Able to locate objects with up to 10 times greater accuracy than traditional technologies despite changes in the object's angle, size or appearance. Compix Inc. SimplePCI -- Compix provides high-performance quantitative imaging systems and software for light microscopy. Materials science and biological science applications supported. Computer Recognition Systems Inc. CRS Reader -- State-of-the-art, online machine vision system that performs generalized, unconstrained optical character recognition. Scanmaster -- A versatile machine vision system that processes data from line scan cameras to provide high-resolution inspection and measurement of moving items.

Videogauge -- Noncontact precision measurement of length, width, height, thickness and radius in milliseconds to micron accuracy. Coreco Transcanada Highway St. Bandit -- A next-generation board that combines the seamless integration of a frame grabber with a high-speed VGA card.

A single slot PCI board solution, Bandit transfers digitized video data directly into the on-board frame buffer and displays live video in a window. With six ALUs and two multiplier units, 64 Kbytes of on-die cache memory and an integrated software language for parallel processing, the C6 can execute 1, million instructions per second.

Products and applications for non-contact measurement systems

The system uses neural net solder joint inspection. The system is designed to check every feature on assembled PCBs. Deltronic Corp. Design Technology Corp. Design, building, installation and integration of complete handling and vision systems for assembly, inspection, gaging and packaging applications. All major vision platforms supported. Don Richetts Co. Valley Blvd.

EPIX Inc. Flexbar Machine Corp. Opti-Flex provides affordable vision systems for shop floor and quality lab application. The systems usually replace optical comparator applications and are easily upgradable to powerful software, motorization, image capture and e-mail capabilities for electronic communication of images.

Futec International Corp. PCD -- For printed web automatic defect detection. Installs online and automatically detects printing and substrate defects. Displays full-color images of detected defects, with percent coverage. Inspects paper, paperboard and flexible packaging products.

Techniques for using machine vision for high-resolution metrology in the production environment.

PKD -- Automated defect-detection system for paper, film, foil, nonwoven and other Web materials. Installs online. Detects coating, laminating, substrate and other defects. General Scanning Inc. Voyager Ave. Line Scan Vision Systems -- Horizon line scan interface board with on-board processing, line scan cameras and software. Imagenation Corp. Imagenation designs and manufactures machine vision components and systems.

Javelin Systems Hawthorne Blvd. Color and black-and-white CCD cameras and monitors; video generators and measurement systems. DX 3 and DX30 digital video cameras transfer precise digital data. Camera works well even under extreme environmental conditions. MFK II measures distances, angles and circles in a video image.

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Option 2 — multiple cameras Another option to reach these goals is through multiple cameras to capture all of the images. Next Next post: High-resolution cameras combined with high speeds support latest smartphones production demand, part 2.