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Mia returns, a dozen stuffed shopping bags on each arm. Mia : Whew! What I go through for you guys Danny : We think we found a clue in the case, Mia. A torn-up note. The opening statements are about to start! Requirements Mia At the county courthouse, the judge bangs her gavel, Mia rises and stands before the courtroom.

Mia : Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a simple matter of selfishness. Once upon a time, there was a PS But it would never meet that destiny. Stolen by someone who did not deserve to have it. The facts are clear.

Presumed Guilty: Why We Shouldn't Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism

A PS4 was stolen, the defendant had one in her possession at the scene, and she clearly could not afford one! Carly Chapman is unquestionably guilty! The crowd in the courtroom murmurs excitedly as Mia takes her seat beside you and Wes. Just then, someone rises from the other side of the courtroom and steps forward, clearing their throat. Max : Why, that sounds like a gallon of poppycock if you ask me!

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Mia : Max?! The judge raps her gavel for him to move along! But it will be lies and villainy. Miss Chapman was simply leaving her minimum wage job at the mall after a hour shift with no knowledge of the nefarious contents of her trunk. Perhaps a thief in the night placed it there. Wes : This is ridiculous.

Presumed Guilty

Note, if you will, that in her entire history, there are exactly ZERO posts about video gaming of any kind! Why, pray tell, would a young woman who has absolutely ZERO interest in gaming steal a video game console? It tests the limits of reason! The crowd erupts in cheers as Max sits down! The judge bangs her gavel for order! Danny : This may not be as open and shut as we thought. The judge calls for a long recess. Wes : That was brutal.

We just need to regroup-- Max : Why bother? When have you ever beaten me at anything, sis? Relax, second best is nothing to be ashamed of.

Max leaves, laughing to himself. Mia : No. Not this time. We just need to get more proof I hate to say it, but Max is right. Danny : Well, we may have our next clue. I just got a text from Nishan. They finished analyzing the note! Nishan : Correct, thanks to my assistants, Kimia and Zayn! Zayn : Then to isolate the blurred ink of the handwriting, I used an advanced reconstruction software-- Wes : It is Photoshop?

Nishan : Boot up the computer, Zayn. Mia : So?

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Will this note prove Carly stole the PS4? I need to beat Max! Wes : That and, you know, justice? The computer dings, and an image of a reconstructed note appears on screen! You all cluster around the screen to read Requirements Wes Mia Nishan Mia reads aloud from the computer screen Nishan : We analyzed the handwriting and are 96 percent confident that the note was composed by a child aged 6 to Wes : Really?

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Mia keeps reading I hope Mrs. Claus is well. All I want for Christmas is Daddy to come back Sincerely, Robbie Chapman. Nishan : This must be her little brother. Wes : She took it for her kid brother? Mia : Are you crazy? Stealing is stealing. You turn to Wes Danny : Wes?


This whole mock trial thing is messed up. Forget it. Mia : Fine! Wes wants to bail on us? Nishan : Unfortunately, we do. We signed up for specific aspects of the trial, remember? Mia : Seriously?! Nishan : We need to get Wes back, and soon. Nishan : But he could be anywhere. Requirements Have 34 unlocked Plots Have 4 Fountains You find Wes hanging out near the fountain, the one he had set up after pulling off the Hearst heist Danny : Well, I do know this school pretty well Danny : Are you okay? Wes : Of course not. Not anymore. Maybe you should just take a minute, calm down, and we can talk about it?

Requirements Level Wes Wes takes a deep breath, then sits down on the edge of the fountain. Finally, he speaks Wes : dollars. Danny : What? I was He was We were living in this total dump of an apartment, and he was working all the time, night after night, at this auto shop. We were just barely getting by, scraping along way below the poverty line. I want you to understand how bad things were. Wes : Not for everyone.