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Roe-Min Kok

As a whole, the essays assemble a portrait of the artist that reflects the different ways in which Schumann has been understood and misunderstood over the past two hundred years. The volume is, in short, a timely reassessment of this ultimately non-untimely figure's legacy.

While the essays consider some of Schumann's most famous music Dichterliebe , Kinderszenen and the Piano Quintet , they also provide crucial adjustment to judgments against the composer's later works by explaining their musical features not as the result of diminishing creative capacity but as reflections of the political and social situations of mid-nineteenth-century German culture and technological developments.

Schumann is revealed to have been a musician engaged by and responsive to his surroundings, whose reputation was formed to a great extent by popular culture, both in his own lifetime as he responded to particular poets and painters, and later, as his life and works were responded to by subsequent generations.

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The only disappointment in such a collections of essays is when they finish. Its methodological diversity and thematic breadth represent the cutting edge of musical scholarship today. Historians, analysts, and cultural critics probe Schumann's music and his wide-ranging influence, paying special attention to lesser known dimensions of the composer's work.

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Schumann and the style hongrois

Abstract This chapter explores how Robert Schumann imbued the style hongrois with his own poetic colorings. Fingerprint Tonal.

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    Rethinking Schumann / edited by Roe-Min Kok, Laura Tunbridge | National Library of Australia

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