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Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 186

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Glenn b and Raina M. Airport Drive, Tucson, AZ Abstract Abandoned mine tailings sites in semiarid regions remain unvegetated for extended periods of time and are subject to eolian dispersion and water erosion. Search Publications Advanced Search. Member Login Email Address. Create Account. Moench grown in rare earth elements of mine tailings Applied Soil Ecology 72 Salt Marsh Halophyte Services to Metal—Metalloid Remediation: Assessment of the Processes and Underlying Mechanisms Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology Adaptive Soil Management : From Theory to Practices Heavy metal contamination in tailings and rocksamples from an abandoned goldminein southwestern Nigeria Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Combination of soil organic and inorganic amendments helps plants overcome trace element induced oxidative stress and allows phytostabilisation Chemosphere Use of hydrophilic polymers from diapers to aid the establishment of Spergularia purpurea in a mine soil Journal of Hazardous Materials Isolation and characterization of nitrogen fixing heterotrophic bacteria from the rhizosphere of pioneer plants growing on mine tailings Applied Soil Ecology Howard, and J.

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Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 46

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