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Some algorithms take into account information about the goal node's location in the form of a heuristic function [2].

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Poole and Mackworth cite the following examples as informed search algorithms:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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To get a little more technical, this specific area of artificial intelligence involves learning to rank algorithms. Machines are taught to create an optimal list from a set of possible outcomes, learning from each of the variables over time. For example, if one result on a search engine is ranking third but has a higher click through rate than the options above it, the search engine would learn from this anomaly and bump that result to the top.

A University of Washington study looked at Yandex , the world's fourth largest search engine, and noticed that it has some advanced applications of NLP and machine learning. With machine learning, it will get to the point where they will find exactly that.

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Choosing the right keywords and following best SEO practices will remain relevant, but, as search engines become more intelligent, the relevancy and quality of content will be the top ranking factors. Only a single path from the root node to the current node, plus any unexpanded nodes on the path, need to be stored. Iterative deepening depth-first search IDDFS operates like depth-first search - apart from that the algorithm imposes a limit on how deep the search traverses.

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Until a goal state is found, the search is repeated with an increased depth limit. Iterative deepening depth-first search combines advantages of both breadth-first and depth-first search. By continuously incrementing the depth limit by one until a solution is found, iterative deepening depth-first search has the same strength as breadth-first search regarding always finding the shortest path to a solution.

By using a depth-first approach on every iteration, iterative deepening depth-first avoids the memory cost of breadth-first search. Nodes are evaluated using a heuristic function.

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The heuristic function estimates how close a node is to the goal state. The sequence in which nodes are traversed is ordered, with the nodes considered closest to the goal state being expanded first. Like depth-first search, greedy search is not complete.

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  • Greedy search is not guaranteed to find the solution with the shortest path.