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During these diplomatic efforts, some contend that a rift developed between Castro and Guevara. The traditional argument holds that by the time Guevara was in Bolivia, the two were in Book Reviews.

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Author: Ryan C. Date: Sept. History Associates, consulting senior historian; Talking History radio series , occasional commentator. Writer for History News Service. Author of plays produced in the United States , England, and Scotland.

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Henry Butterfield Ryan is a former officer of the U. Foreign Service. He writes about diplomacy, Cold War history, and U. In writing the book, Ryan's intention was not simply to present new information, although the book does so, or to provide a comprehensive overview of his subject.

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According to Ryan's letter to the editor of the Journal of American History, he set out "to prove certain theories"—specifically, stated Ryan, to show "that the decline of British power in itself helped create the Cold War by destroying any possibility of a triangular relationship among the Big Three that might have prevented it. Carrol in Canadian Journal of History, commenting: "In the section on the Polish crisis, Ryan shows quite clearly that Churchill, Eden, and the British diplomatic staff carried the burden of resisting the Soviet Union on the Polish question during and ….

The Greek crisis gives Ryan a more workable example of the evolution of the Anglo-American alliance.

The "thoroughly researched" work was recommended by J. Braeman, who noted in a Choice review that the book's "major weakness is its narrow focus on the British side. Anderson also mentioned the narrow focus of The Vision of Anglo-America: that it is "limited … to British documents" and it doesn't "note more recent studies" than "a couple of important books of the early s.

Carrol's review similarly noted that Ryan's focus is on an Anglo-American alliance, not a broader English-speaking alliance.

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The Fall of Che Guevara

Ryan's specific intention is to show that Britain, weakened by the war, attempted to create an Anglo-American alliance in order to maintain its great power status. Thus, the idea of some kind of special relations with the United States became the cornerstone of British policy.

The Vision of Anglo-America, reported Fraser Harbutt in the American Historical Review, is "a valuable corrective" to the "[in]adequate attention" given to "the full implications of Britain's loss of power. The Vision of Anglo-America "is valuable for [Ryan's] stress on the irony of British policy," wrote Anthony Barnett in the Guardian, continuing: "The UK threw itself upon the United States not out of fear of Russia … but out of fear for an Empire it could not longer sustain single handed.

The Fall of Che Guevara: A Story of Soldiers, Spies, and Diplomats by Henry Butterfield Ryan

Department of State, including the U. His stated intention in producing the book was to evaluate previously unavailable information and blend it into an objective account of a man and a series of events that have generated much subjective analysis over the past thirty years. Che Guevara was a romantic adventurer who allied himself with Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution of For a time he served as the head of Cuba's Department of Industries and later as the head of the Central Bank.

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He vividly portrays Che—the man, the revolutionary, and the thinker—recounting in detail his last days with Che in Cuba, giving a remarkably frank assessment of the Bolivian mission. I have dreamed of him often, that I spoke with him, that he was alive.

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I was disappointed in this book because it is called a memoir, but it isn't really. It is a collection of speeches about Che given by Fidel Castro. It is repetitious, and the speeches are meant to

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