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Ready to take a stand for gender equality?

Wow, I really thought us guys, subconsciously would pretty much be the sole reason for this. But it seems women also have an almost equal blame for this. The fix for this is more of a reevaluation of how we look at people, which may be hard, but can be corrected if directly faced. I mean, I never even knew that more assertive women are less liked. It does make I guy feel less stressed and reassured to know this, but we must let our consciences lead us in the quest for job equality.

It is the same thing with women in the military.

They absolutely believe as do I , that they have the right to be on the same place on the battlefield as a man. But ask them if that means they should enter themselves for a draft, and many say no.

For women, it's not a glass ceiling but a plugged pipeline - Los Angeles Times

Meaning this is the situation of guys in the workplace, and we must swallow the unpleasant truth that our superiority, however satisfying, is not fair to women, and must be changed. If both men and women believe that the man in a two person male-female team, perhaps this is more of an issue of a culture in which women discourage each other from being outgoing and speaking up? This is something best solved by women themselves — not a male outsider. That is an extremely outdated approach. We need to think of it as how society is teaching this and how to stop it. It is a sad truth that success of a woman is harder to swallow than that of a man.

To what end? Why do their bosses let them get away with it? It does come from the top, so if upper management allows it, nothing will change for those making their way up. I say change will need to first happen from the top down. Hillary for President!

The workplace belies the idea that women are getting ahead

That really is an ignorant and misandrist assertion. I most certainly think we should think and act on this a lot more often than we do. Nonetheless, one factor that I always find lacking in this article is the whole issue about having children. For some reason, it is socially accepted that the woman take some time off, and is expected to be an unproductive professional for a period of time.

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Equally, it is expected that the father will have little-to-no disturbance in his productivity, but that instead, he is expected to be an unproductive member of the household i. I think Maternal and Paternal leaves should be of equal length. Anything less than that, and we skew to having women spending more time at home and men at work. Consequently, women will always be less competitive in the marketplace ceteris paribus. Even when maternity leave is not factored into the equation women still earn lower salaries then men of comparable education and work experience.

The United States is the only first world nation that does not have a federally mandated maternity or paternity leave.

Rosalind Barnett on The Campbell Conversations

When women take maternity leave they are going on disability. Yes, pregnancy is considered a disability. If she is lucky her employer has a maternity leave package most do not. Other first world countries have federally mandated maternity leaves for at lease a year at full pay with their jobs held for them until they return. This lack of maternity leave is one of several reasons why child infant mortality in the United States ranks with that of third world countries. The family medical leave act gives you 12 weeks of Unpaid leave but really who can go 12 weeks without pay?

FMLA leave for the birth or adoption of a child is not disability. They are completely separate. It is not considered a disability under the Family Medical Leave Act. Your claim that this is a cause of infant mortality in the U. Further, what employer can afford to pay someone for a year for not working? Not only does it leave a necessary job vacant it makes no sense.

Do Women Really Handle Pain Better Than Men?

No one should get paid for not working. Take a look at such policies in Greece for an example. What to do? Perhaps we should follow the example of Norway, Spain and Sweden and legislate gender quotas in the boardroom but take it further and legislate gender quotas in upper management and the executive suite too. Your email address will not be published. Boston University More Publications. The Brink. November 6, Caryl Rivers Rosalind Barnett.

Twitter Facebook. Jen, FMLA leave for the birth or adoption of a child is not disability. At BU for example a mother can use paid sick and vacation time during this 12 weeks. This bias is especially rampant in the high-tech industry. One study, conducted by professors at Columbia, Northwestern and the University of Chicago, found that two-thirds of managers selected male job candidates, even when the men did not perform as well as the women on math problems that were part of the application process.

Throw in the facts that, according to research, competent men are seen as likeable, while competent women are seen as bitchy, that women get less credit for their accomplishments than men do, that men are often promoted on promise while women get elevated only on the basis of performance, and that sexual harassment is a constant problem for women in tech. All of these are issues that males simply do not have to face. Over the past two decades, men in the U.

Indeed, their time spent on such tasks is close to that spent by their wives, according to the National Study of the Changing Workforce. The psychological well-being of employed married fathers is as closely linked to their family as to their employee roles, according to a study directed by Dr. Today, companies are offering more and more paternity leave, because male employees are clamoring for it. Generous leave policies are seen as a recruitment tool, as companies are in an arms race with competitors to attract millennials and retain their best talent.

In , Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook , caused banner headlines when his daughter was born and he took a two-month paternity leave. He set an example for his employees and those of other companies. And they seem to have noticed. According to SmartAsset. But many men who would opt for paternity leave hesitate, not because of innate biological dispositions, but because of fear of retribution. Cultural stereotypes exert a powerful effect, punishing men for the caring, family-oriented behavior that they desire.

Now men can have it all — a successful career and being a responsible daddy.

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  • Damore, on the other hand, argues for downplaying empathy in American companies. Caryl Rivers and Rosalind C. There seems to be a lack of references for the various statements in this article in contrast to the criticized google memo. So what about the statements themselves then? It doesn't start on the most positive note, this statement is not simply wrong it is an outright lie. Damore did not claim that women's biology made them incapable of performing at the highest levels of the STEM fields, that is a dishonest strawman argument or plain BS.

    Many reputable scientific authorities have weighed in on this question, including a major paper in the journal Science debunking the idea that the brains of males and females are so different that they should be educated in single-sex classrooms.

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    • Another statement not made in the google memo and with very little relation to it, Damore argues in favor of diversity, not against it, and not for segregation of men and women. Few does not mean none, and few could well include those mentioned in the google memo. What relates to learning is also not clear, does that mean that differences in interests have been excluded as not being directly related to learning?

      Interesting statement, but what complexity is ignored in the assumption of only cultural differences? Is there any evidence that the "dynamic nature" exceeds the genetic predisposition? What does that actually mean, is there any evidence for it which is contrary to what was discussed in the google memo? Then it is maybe time to ask what selectivity for such performance differences can be achieved with the data available. I have seen such research outside US, which have been based on test scores and grades, neither of which has enough selectivity, differences will be hidden.